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Third-party IT Consulting

Client firm's IT advisory services

We help our clients grow and facilitate IT/Business on a long-term basis. Our clients may face diverging IT needs during different lifecycle of their business or specific project phases. We help our clients all the way along as clients' IT advisor, such services are sustainable, highly customerized, costs little and with long-term vision. Sample services are: advising on IT organization and establishments, helping with corporate IT management and systems, training on mainstream technologies and topics, introducing best industrial practices, trouble-shooting on networking applications and suggestions, etc.

Supervision of IT implementation

With the huge information and knowledge gap between clients and IT vendors, we help our customers monitor the IT project and manage project schedule, investigate the work quality of implementers in the project, and make sure there is a reasonable, clear, feasible IT plan with qualified regulatory and controlling method throughout the lifecycle the project. We also enhance the communication between our customers and the project undertakers to make sure that the vendors and the implementation team understand our customer's business requirements completely and accurately keep our customers updated with the process and status of the project. We also help to resolve the dispute between both parties and preemptively settle many other issues arising in the project implementation process; and assist our customers to fully prepare the user testing and final demo, and organize the check and acceptance of the project

Standardization of IT development and project management

AMK consultants have SEI-CMM training with Carnegie Mellon and integrates leading methodology with Chinese local practice. We help our clients standardize their IT project development and upgrade their project management capabilities and IT development skills. AMK makes sure the key technical indicators are under control at any time of the project implementation, while predicting the potential factors that may effect the project schedule; and rectify the disadvantages in time to reduce the possible negative effect on the system function and performance.

Global experiences in Fortune 500 companies both in USA and in China, with the capability to integrate international and domestic market dynamics with client's unique status
Plenty of practical experiences in international setting and complete understanding of domestic business environment.
Emphasis on facts, results, execution and participation constitutes AMK's core value offering.
Closely engaging clients to pursue synergetic development.

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