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IS/IT system construction

Helping our customers to understand the significance and objective of Information Technology, learn the complete content and processes of IS/IT implementation and assist the establishment and efficient operation of IS/IT management concept in all level of client's management and business process.

Based on completely understanding of our customer's business requirement, their long-term and short-term business strategy and available resources could be used at that time, we offered services on assisting the development of their IT strategy, planning the practical IT strategy solution which include network topology, construction of management IS/IT and IT department,etc; providing support for our customers in budgeting and performance evaluation.

IS/IT system construction detail
Diagnoses of government and enterprise IT detail
Business requirement of IT and improvement        suggestion detail
Assists in public bidding of IT project and software        selection detail
Planning and designing of E-Commerce detail
Consultation of enterprise's E-Commerce detail
Supervision of IT implementation detail
Formalization of system development and project        management detail
Firm's IT advisor detail
Valuation of IS/IT detail
Global experiences in Fortune 500 companies both in USA and in China, with the capability to integrate international and domestic market dynamics with client's unique status
Plenty of practical experiences in international setting and complete understanding of domestic business environment.
Emphasis on facts, results, execution and participation constitutes AMK's core value offering.
Closely engaging clients to pursue synergetic development.

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