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Corporate Development Strategic Planning

Our strategy consulting includes(but not limited to) Strategic Assessment, Strategic Analysis, Strategic Goal-Setting, Strategic Positioning and Structuring, Internal and External Environment analysis , Corporate Resource Planning, Risk Management Strategy and Strategic Business Planning(Entry Strategy, Location Strategy, Diversification Strategy, Core Competence Building, Competition Strategy and Product and Market Strategy). We also offer consulting services for clients' key business sectors as well.

Corporate Development Strategic Planning detail
Corporate Organization Structure Analysis and       Adjustment detail
Business Process Optimization detail
Human resources and performance measurement
Market analysis and marketing strategy detail
Urban development and positioning strategy detail
Regional economic development research and       planning  detail
Industrial zone development planning detail
Global experiences in Fortune 500 companies both in USA and in China, with the capability to integrate international and domestic market dynamics with client's unique status
Plenty of practical experiences in international setting and complete understanding of domestic business environment.
Emphasis on facts, results, execution and participation constitutes AMK's core value offering.
Closely engaging clients to pursue synergetic development.

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